What Is Reiki?

Reiki Jin Kei Do is from Japanese origin

Reiki Jin Kei Do is the practice of Reiki with compassion and wisdom, in a balanced way, integrating all three aspects and applying them into one’s life. It then becomes a way of life rather than another healing method. The word (Rei) which means universal life and (Ki) which means energy. Reiki is a hands on healing technique that aids in stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki is recognized as an alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing.

What can I expect in a Reiki Session?

A complete Reiki session is offered to a fully clothed recipient who is either receiving a table treatment or chair treatment. Reiki is offered through a non invasive touch by the practitioner. The practitioner’s hands are placed on specific areas where energy center are located on body. Clients may or may not feel heat. Clients may experience relaxation to the point of falling asleep. You may not notice anything for the first time which is perfectly OK too. Everyone’s experience is unique to them.

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